Written By: Matt Vereb

Major League Baseball reported their collective earnings for the 2009 season. Major League Baseball collected $6.6 billion dollars, a 1.5% increase from their 2008 total of $6.5 billion. Major League Baseball was able to earn a higher revenue even though ticket sales were down 6.5% compared to 2008.

So how were they able to earn more money by selling less seats?

Both the Mets and Yankees opened new stadiums and charged premium prices for seats. Leases at Yankee Stadium started at $250,000 for the season. ‘Legend Seating’ would cost fans $1,250 per game. The average ticket price at Yankee Stadium was a staggering $72.97(It was $41.40 in 2008). The Mets’ average ticket price came to $36.99. The averages between to the two clubs are a bit drastic because the Mets offer more premium seating than the Yankees do.

Here are just some fun statistics concerning concessions at ballparks across the country. (All information is property of bizofbaseball.com)

League Average for Smallest Beer: $5.86

Cheapest Beer (smallest size available)

  • $4.00 (Royals and Diamondbacks)
  • $4.50 (Angels)
  • $4.75 (Pirates)
  • $5.00 (Reds, Astros, Orioles, Brewers, Rangers)

Most Expensive Beer (smallest size available)

  • Giants ($8.75)
  • Rays ($8.00)

League Avg. For Hot Dog: $3.70

Least Expensive Hot Dog

  • $1.00 (Reds)
  • $2.50 (Pirates, Orioles)
  • $2.75 (Diamondbacks, Brewers, Rangers)

Most Expensive Hot Dog:

  • $5.00 (Dodgers, Marlins)
  • $4.75 (Astros)

Baseball’s revenues prove that the game, as a whole, is recession-proof. Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets financially skew league averages, but their profits and luxury tax additions help all of the less fortunate teams. No more snow, bring on April.

Photo Credit: virtualclub.com; metslifer.blogspot.com

Information Credit: bizofbaseball.com