Written By: Matt Vereb

Derek Jeter addressed the media yesterday. Today, it was Alex Rodriguez’s turn to step to the ‘proverbial plate’. Before getting to the press conference, let’s take a walk down memory lane. 2009 was season filled with peaks and valleys for Rodriguez’s careers.

The Lows:
During Spring Training last year, a news story broke about Rodriguez’s Steroid use. Rodriguez came clean about his steroid problem with MLB Network’s, Peter Gammons. Rodriguez missed the first month of the season due to a hip injury.

The Highs:
During his first at-bat coming off the injury, Rodriguez homered off Orioles’ starter, Jeremy Guthrie. Rodriguez hit a memorable ‘Walk-Off’ Home Run off Junichi Tazawa in the 16th inning to defeat the Red Sox. Alex finished the regular season with 30 HRs and 100 RBIs, marking the 12th straight season he has obtained those numbers.

Rodriguez easily had the best postseason of his career in 2009. Rodriguez won his World Series ring while posting a .365 batting average to go along with 6 HRs and a .507 OBP. He had key hits against Twins closer, Joe Nathan and Angels’ closer, Brian Fuentes. A-Rod also dated Kate Hudson and rode on a float with rapper, Jay-Z. (Someone tell A-Rod to never wear that hat again) But, talk about a bounce back performance!

So what can we expect in 2010?

Chad Jennings is in Tampa covering Spring Training. Here’s a key summary of A-Rod’s Press Conference

1.      He was hoping Johnny Damon would come back.
2.      He’s not worried about the all-time Home Run total.
3.      Derek Jeter isn’t going anywhere.

Think whatever you want about A-Rod, but the guy has grown up a lot since last season. Winning has humbling, maturing factor on all people. Let’s hope this continues in 2010.

Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com