**Mets Shortstop Jose Reyes**

Written By: Alex Lowenthal

I know this may be a little outdated, but as a Met fan I think its in my nature to complain as long as possible.  I was driving in my car today, and for some reason baseball was in my mind.  Then I drifted off and thought about last season’s World Series.  Who was I supposed to root for?
As a sports fan, i’m always rooting for someone in the championship, and usually there is a decent reason.  But when the Phillies played against the Yankees for the world series, I was absolutely stumped.
On any given day, it’s obvious which MLB team is my second favorite…..whoever the Yankees are playing against.  Its not easy growing up listening to everyone I know talk about how much they love the Yankees and Derek Jeter, yet they couldn’t name more than three players on the team (I apologize in advance to all of the real Yanks fans reading this, but I hope you understand where i’m coming from).  Then again, the Phillies have been our division rival these last few years, I can’t stand losing to Jimmy Rollins, and I hate them just as much.
Back to my point: Who do I root for?  During the time period leading up to the World Series, I flipped back and forth, trying to pick a side to lean toward.  I couldn’t come up with anything.  Then I figured I should just root for injuries? Or a natural disaster to occur at the stadium hosting the game?  Maybe a bit too evil.
It wasn’t until the first pitch was thrown in game one that I found myself rooting for THE PHILLIES.  I hate to even admit this, but it wasn’t my conscious choice, it just happened.  I think it helped that my roommate was a Yankee fan, and I was causing a little controversy.  But deep down, I think it may be because a part of me wishes that the Mets WERE the Phillies.  A team that’s good on paper that actually performs well?  Wow that sounds nice.
To any Met fans out there, or baseball fans in general: Who should a Met fan have been rooting for?

Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com; media.silive.com