Written by: Kenny Mauss

As of today, the Knicks record is 19-37. They are currently ranked 13th in the Eastern Conference, 9 games behind Charlotte for the final playoff spot. They are only a half game ahead of Indiana from falling to 14th in the conference. That means that only the putrid Nets(5-51) have a worse record than the Knicks.

New York has finished 14th in the conference the last 2 seasons, so history is on Indiana’s side that they will move ahead of the Knicks at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

My question to all of our readers however, is do you watch the Knicks on a nightly basis? I can honestly say I’ve punished myself enough to watch almost every game this season, and it has been difficult at times. While the Knicks have been a disapointment all season, it will be interesting to see how Eddie House and Tracy McGrady play the rest of this season to see if there is a chance of New York re-signing either of the two. David Lee is the other reason to watch the Knicks. He’s puts up double double’s in his sleep, and it is enjoyable to watch his game mature as the season goes on. Other than that, I can’t think of one other reason to watch this team.

What about other Knicks’ fans? Will you watch the rest of the season? Or have you not watched at all this season anyways?

Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com