Written by: Kenny Mauss

The Knicks have made all kinds of trades in the last couple of days. They were able to rid themselves of players like Darko Milicic, Jared Jeffries, Nate Robinson, and Larry Hughes. They also gave up last year’s 1st round pick, Jordan Hill, swapped 2011 1st round picks with Houston, and gave Houston its 2012 1st round pick. Where does this leave the Knicks for the rest of this season, and what will the roster look like for the remainder of 2010?

The complete roster currently looks like this, with the new additions in bold:

Jonathan Bender

Brian Cardinal

Wilson Chandler

Eddy Curry

Toney Douglas

Chris Duhon

Danilo Gallinari

J.R. Giddens

Al Harrington

Eddie House

David Lee

Tracy McGrady

Cuttino Mobley

Sergio Rodriguez

Bill Walker

That is 6 new players to a team that is already 19-34, 11th in the Eastern Conference, and 7.5 games out of the 8th and final playoff spot. They’ve lost 5 straight and why should anything be expected to change this year? The Knicks haven’t played as a team in almost 5 years, and now half of the roster has been turned over, and nearly an entire new “team” will make its way onto the court of Madison Square Garden. Eventually, I believe the starting lineup could look something like this:

Chris Duhon PG

Tracy McGrady SG

Danilo Gallinari SF

Al Harrington PF

David Lee C

This might just be me, but it doesn’t have that “wow” factor that used to go along with a New York Knick team. Chris Childs, Charlie Ward, Allen Houston, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing and so on with players that were at the least above average in their time with New York. I’m not saying this team is supposed to be, or even needs to be that because they simply just aren’t good enough. Tracy McGrady should add some excitement to the Knicks, but this isn’t circa 2002 with McGrady. I expect (hope) the Knicks get their act together and finish in the top 10 of the Eastern Conference, because if they don’t, Lebron James isn’t coming to New York. Here’s to hoping they play respectable for the rest of this season, and let the party begin in the Summer of ’10.