Written By: Alex Lowenthal
This morning, we saw a Tiger Woods that we’ve never seen before, on every single major television network, for over 13 minutes.  He was very belittled, obviously apologetic, and just not the same confident athlete we’ve seen over the last decade…..rightfully so.
I can’t say that I was surprised by anything he said today.  Like I thought yesterday, he apologized numerous times to his wife, family, sponsors, sport, and fans.  He addressed his infidelity to his wife, and talked about his plans to fix that.  He admitted all of his wrong doings, saying that he “had affairs” and “cheated”.  Also, he told us that he wants to keep the issues between he and his wife, and keep it a private matter, as it should be.  Finally, his return to golf.  He said that he does not know when it will be, but he does not rule out this year.
One thing he said that I didn’t fully expect was addressed to the media.  He basically told them to blame him and only him, focus on him and only him, and to stay away from his family.  He was frustrated with paparazzi following his daughter to school, and attempting to track his wife Elin.  He then sternly asked them to leave his family alone.
I think he did a very good job today.  Its exactly what he had to do, and he did it well.  I’d give it a solid B+.  I happen to be a big Tiger fan, and hope he comes back to golf soon, the sport needs him.
Tiger will go back to sex rehab tomorrow, as he continues to try to resurrect his image.