Written By: Adam Poedubicky

For me, this is certainly the driest time in sports. I enjoy golf, but I don’t think the Tiger Woods’ story is sports news (or any news for that matter, but that’s for another article). Everyone knows the NBA is completely irrelevant until the few games before the playoffs. The NHL has put its season on a hold while the Olympics are happening (imagine if baseball was put on a hold for the World Baseball Classic!).

My favorite sports month has to be April. It has pretty much everything I’m looking for. On the hardwood, March Madness ironically usually commences in the first few days of April. Also, the NBA playoffs begin. The first rounds are usually dull and should be no longer than a five-game series, but it is nice to see teams actually try and start playing some defense. And another plus, it’s simply a privilege to watch Kobe Bean in the playoffs.

Baseball finally gets back underway, and I know many readers will be watching the Yankees defend their World Series title. I’m also curious to see how well of a job Granderson does replacing Johnny D in left. I think his numbers will be similar, but the overall defensive improvement will save many runs for the Yankees’ staff.

The event that some view as the most boring that is my favorite is the NFL Draft. It’s the one thing that reminds me that football is eventually coming, both college and pro. For the Giants in this draft, I’m looking forward to seeing which of their many holes they address in the first few rounds. For the Jets, it’s going to be interesting to see which direction they go; whether it’s making a great defense even better, or going for a playmaker on offense.

Alas, only six more weeks until my sport’s nirvana. Until then, it’s time to hop on MLB.TV (which I just ordered) and check out some spring training games and highlights from last year. This time until the draft means I’m going to have to google mock drafts and combine results.

Well, there’s my side of the story. April is my favorite sport’s month, followed closely by October (college and pro football AND The Fall Classic? Yes, please), while my least favorites are February and July (sure I have my baseball, but that’s it).