Tiger Woods is prepared to appear in the public eye tomorrow for the first time since his “accident” on November 27th, 2009, in the form of a televised statement.  Will we see the same confident, untouchable role-model we’ve seen in the past? I think this answer is an obvious “no”.

Needless to say, many people will be viewing Tiger much differently than the last time they saw him.  I’m sure many people make the same mistakes Tiger made each and every day, but their name is not Tiger Woods.  I’d say he’s the most recognized face on the planet, and who knows how he can come back from something like this.

Let’s list a few things that have happened since we’ve last heard from Tiger:

-late night car accident where his wife happened to be conveniently chasing him with a golf club so she could smash his rear windshield to rescue him, even though the passenger door worked

-over a dozen women admitted having affairs with Tiger over the previous years

-his wife (a supermodel) bought a house in Sweden by herself, and has been seen in public without her wedding ring

-Tiger cost his sponsors’ shareholders up to $12 billion dollars

-Tiger lost numerous sponsors, including Gatorade, Gillette, Accenture, and others

-Tiger went through a sex rehab clinic

Now lets get back to tomorrow’s statement.  Is it a coincidence that he’s making the statement on the Friday of the ACCENTURE World Match Play Championships?  Accenture was the first sponsor to completely drop Tiger during this scandal.  Golfer Ernie Els doesn’t appreciate the timing of this statement.  He feels that the timing is “selfish”, and would prefer it take place on Monday, when the event is over.  All the hype this weekend will be back on the world’s #1 player, and not on the actual golf tournament including the “other” top 64 golfers in the world.  Sorry Ernie.

What will Tiger say tomorrow?  Who knows.  I think he will most likely first apologize.  To everyone: his wife, his family, his sponsors, his sport,  and  his fans.  Then he will address his lack of loyalty to his marriage and family, and how he’s going to try to fix it.  Finally, he will announce his much anticipated return to the sport of golf.  I expect him to return soon, because if he doesn’t, Steve Stricker or Phil Mickelson will soon be ranked #1 in the world, and we all know Tiger doesn’t want to let that happen.

As an experienced golfer, i’m very much looking forward to hearing what he has to say tomorrow, and I really hope he comes back soon.  Watching golf without him really is not the same.  I will guarantee he is back for The Masters in early April, and I will not expect anything less than his best golf when he does return, no matter if the fans are cheering or booing.