We visited this topic last week, but let’s go 2nd level.

Many Yankee fans are aware that Derek is in the last year of his 10 year, $189 million contract. Jeter, 36, has been the face of the Yankee franchise for the past decade. Jeter is a career .317 hitter. Jeter became the Yankees All-Time hits leader during this past season and currently has 2,747 hits. Jeter is a career .313 hitter in the post season. Jeter is also the all-time postseason hits leader with 175. Defensively, Jeter had one of his best defensive seasons ever last year, posting a +4.4 UZR, 4th best in baseball (compared to -0.5 UZR in 2008). Jeter finished 3rd inAL MVP voting as well.

Jeter is making $21.6 million this season. The question becomes–how long and how much Jeter’s next deal will be worth. Yankee fans and baseball experts will most likely use A-Rod’s current 10 year, $275 million contract as a bench mark. A-Rod was also 32 years old when he signed that deal(Jeter will be 37).

When it comes to Derek Jeter, the Yankees will most likely give him whatever he wants. He is the fan favorite, one of the few living Yankee legends, and the current face of the franchise. The decision will rest on Jeter’s shoulders. How long will he be able to keep up his current statistics? What about the defense? Joe DiMaggio retired when he was on the top of his game(37-years-old). DiMaggio also had heel problems, but knew when it was time to retire.

I’m not suggesting that Jeter should retire after this season, but I don’t think he should try to hang on either. As Yankee fans, we want to remember Jeter for his 2001 playoff ‘flip play in Oakland’, the dive into the stands vs. Boston in 2006. We don’t want to see a broken Jeter at the end of a contract.

Keep in mind too that if Jeter signs a 5-years deal, the Yankees will be paying a 42-year-old Jeter and a 41-year-old Rodriguez roughly $50 million in 2015. But that won’t matter this offseason.

Prediction: 4 years/$85 million

Is this too much? Too little? What do you think?