Outside of the Olympics, there isn’t much to write about right now. Spring Training has just begun and the media is kicking around different ideas to write about. Johnny Damon is still twisting in the wind. Apparently, he doesn’t want to play for the Tigers now. He played golf with White Sox catcher, A.J. Pierzynski on Monday, for whatever that’s worth. But anyway, on to Wednesday night’s link dump. Just an article that I found interesting. When a story breaks, we’ll be sure to report it and provides analysis.

Joe Girardi’s expectations for the Yankees

**After reading this article; Interestingly enough; Yankee numbers 6, 21, 35, 51, 55, and 18 were not given out to players during Spring Training. 6(Torre); 21(Paul O’Neill); 35 (Mike Mussina); 51 (Bernie Williams); 55 (Hideki Matsui); 18(sigh, Johnny Damon)

Of those number, I only think that Joe Torre and Bernie Williams’ number should be retired. Torre was the catalyst for all of those Yankee championship runs in the 90s. Time heals all wounds and in time, I think the Yanks and Torre will be at peace.

Bernie Williams finished 5th all -time in teerms of Yankees with 2,336 hits. Bernie Williams has 51 Postseason extra-base hits; 1st all-time. Williams is also 1 of 16 players to be a Yankee for 16+ seasons. More importantly, Bernie was an overall, good guy. A classy Yankee; one of whom I’ll never forget.

Who else should have their number retired in your opinion?