Coming from someone who has never stepped foot in a pair of skis or on a snowboard, I have an unbelievable amount of respect for USA Snowboarder, Shaun White. The Artist Formerly Known as “The Flying Tomato”(due to his red hair) has been renamed, “Animal”; solely based on the Muppets character, Animal, who shares the same hair style as White(pictured below). For years, I have tuned in to exclusively watch White compete in various X-Game events. White competes in Snowboarding, Skateboarding, and Surfing. The guy can deny gravity with any type of board. White is truly the face of extreme sports.

White took it to a whole new level tonight. After posting a score of 46.4 during his first run of two(out of a possible 50); no competitor came within a 1 point of White’s score. White’s 2nd run was a victory lap. He had already clinched Gold. However, he wanted a historic run. White unveiled a trick that he has been secretly crafting for months now, a 1260 Double McTwist. The trick includes three revolutions with two mid-air flips. Watch this link: It’s truly worth the 2:24.

While I’ve been skeptical of the Olympics, White and the US Hockey team are the true bright spots of the games for me. Hopefully we’ll see another ‘Miracle’ on ice this year. We already saw Animal win Gold. If only Kermit won silver.