Summer 2010 can’t get here any faster the for Knicks. After two nights of embarrassing losses to the Chicago Bulls they have truly hit the bottom. Their season is getting worse and worse every night. To truly finish off their season, they are starting to dismantle their entire roster. Earlier today they agreed in principle to trade Nate Robinson to the Boston Celtics for Eddie House and a possible first round pick from the Celtics. They just agreed to send Darko Milicic to the Timberwolves for Brian Cardinal and they are waiting to hear from the Rockets about a possible McGrady deal that can leave the Knicks without Al Harrington. While I fully support Donnie Walsh trying to clear cap space for this Summer, he still has to think about what will happen if he can’t land LeBron or Wade. Assuming these trades all go through, the only true starters we will have are David Lee, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. Toney Douglas is still much too raw and inexperienced, Jordan Hill could either be another Renaldo Balkman or David Lee, who we already have. Hill may have a bright future, but on a Knicks team that has had handfuls of useless forwards in the recent years, he’ll be lucky if he sits near the court this coming season

They have no slashing small forward, no dominant shot blocker, no accurate point guard and no real depth off the bench. They have three very good players in Lee, Gallo and Chandler but that is only a quarter of a championship roster. To really see what it takes to win a championship, Dolan should look at the Los Angeles Lakers or the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs have been quiet recently, but they are always a threat in the playoffs. The Lakers have groomed the roster they now have for the past few years. Bynum, Gasol, Bryant, Fisher and Walton just to name a few have all been playing together and in the same system for a few years. They have on-court chemistry and it shows. The Spurs followed the same blueprint, they kept a core of players intact and over the last decade they have been one of the best teams in the NBA. This consistency allowed these teams to grow together and actually become a team where players didn’t have to worry if they would be shipped out next week. Walsh’s trades have cleared cap room but at what cost?

The Knicks have gone through 3 coaches in the past 5 years, and dozens of players who were years past their prime and traded those who haven’t hit theirs yet. MSG used to be a basketball palace, a mecca of aggressive and fluid defense. A place where the home fans have some pride in their team, not a place where the fans boo the team they came to support. Even this year as the trade deadline approaches tomorrow, the Knicks are trading away players who could be part of a championship team for expiring contracts that might land them a superstar or two. Nate Robinson could be one of the best players to come off the bench if he played with someone who could take the pressure off of him, Al Harrington could run rampant if there was a dominant force who could take over the game in the fourth quarter. You can’t say the same about Jordan Hill, who Walsh refuses to trade but will willingly give up Harrington for an old McGrady. On many occasions Harrington has said he would even take a pay cut to stay in NY because he realizes the gravity of what could occur next season. It’s a shame that Walsh has been so focused on landing the new number 23 he forgot about the talent he already has.

As Knicks fans, all we can do is hope that Walsh’s gamble pays off and LeBron will be playing alongside Lee and Gallo, reviving MSG and bring basketball back to NYC.