Think back to the beginning of Johnny Damon’s off-season. Think about Johnny Damon now. Would it be easier to explain the financial crisis with bad mortgages or Johnny Damon’s off-season to a group of kids? Think about it.

Another edition of “As the Damon Turns” is unfolding in front of us. Damon is apparently in negotiations with both Detroit and Chicago White Sox. Detroit has apparently pitched the highest offer to Damon. Detroit’s offer is for about 7 million over 1 or 2 years. Chicago’s offer is apparently worth $5 million with some money deferred.

The Current Issue: The Damon family is having a bit of an issue with Detroit real estate. Damon’s wife apparently wants to live in a more ‘cosmopolitan’ city. (Hello? New York? 2 months ago?) With 40% of the Detroit population suffering from unemployment, I can understand her concerns. I’d still rather live in Detroit over Boston, but that’s a whole different article.

We’ve gone over Johnny Damon a million times. Frankly, I’m tired of writing about Damon.

Remember our original question? Credit crisis or Damon? Johnny or Bad Loans? Noodle Arm or Rising Inflation? I’ve got Ben Bernanke on speed dial.

Sign Johnny, Sign.

What do you think?