Breaking news on the Johnny Damon front. Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch has authorized an offer of 2 years/$14 million to Johnny Damon. Yesterday, the Tigers dangled a 1 year/$7 million proposal. For some reason, Detroit doubled their offer today. More than likely, the Scott Boras “mystery team” tactic is working on Tigers management. The Braves also offered Damon a contract offer yesterday for 1 year/$4.5 million with $2 million deferred. If he accepts, Damon figures to play Left Field for the Tigers.

Does this 2 year/$14 million offer bring back any memories? The Yankees apparently offered Damon the same contract in January. They were turned away. With seemingly no market for Damon, why would the Tigers offer Damon $7 million/season? The Braves are standing pat with their offer of $4.5 million. If this report is true, Damon should take this offer. With only six days before Spring Training begins, it’s the best deal he’ll get.

Are the Tigers over-paying? What do you think?