Pitchers and Catchers are reporting to Arizona and Florida for their respective spring training assignments shortly. The Mets will once again be in Port St. Lucie. While the Mets will be loosening up their noodle arms, I’m going to give 10 predictions for this season. Some think this Mets team is god awful, others think they’re a piece or two away from being a contender. Well, here’s what I think about this upcoming season:

1. The Mets 3 4 and 5 hitters(Beltran, Bay, Wright) will all hit more than 25 HRs. (This is a given in the Bronx, and Philly, but well, this is Queens and that is a step in the right direction)

2. Jose Reyes will play 150 games this year. When Reyes plays, the Mets are exponentially better.

3. John Maine will win comeback player of the year. That’s right. 15 wins coming from this righty, because when he’s healthy, he’s an efficient fly ball pitcher and in case you haven’t heard, Citi Field is ginormous.

4. K-Rod will saves 40 games (and pack 162 bombs)

5. Mike Jacobs will start more games at First Base than Daniel Murphy. We’ll see how that works out.

6. Carlos Beltran will be healthy by May, but will never be happy. However, he will hit 28 HRs, bring in 105 RBIs and have 20 SBs.

7. The Mets will be in 1st place on July 4th.

8. New York will win the season series against Philadelphia.

9. Johan Santana will win 18 games..

10. The Mets will….. not win the division, because if Philadelphia stays healthy, they have better pitching than the Mets. The Mets however are going to win 88-90 games and will be fighting for the wild card spot until the last day of the season with the Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants.