In the 2010 class of NFL free agents, there are four notable names that stick out as the best of the best for the wide receiver position: Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, and Braylon Edwards. Each of the four has their own pros and cons, and I figure I’d open up the discussion as to which ones would look the best in a Jets uniform.

Miles Austin (2009 team – Dallas) 2009 Stats and Accomplishments: 81 catches, 1320 yards (1st in NFC), 11 TDs, Pro Bowl

This is a complete longshot for the Jets. Austin is, in my opinion, by far and away the best free agent wide receiver on the market this year. However, it seems very unlikely that Austin won’t be signed to a big deal by the Cowboys this offseason. Jerry Jones has kept a close eye on this kid since he was signed as a freeagent, and was also a key reason why Terrell Owens was let go. Simply put, look for Austin to make huge money this offseason.

Percentage he’ll be on the Jets: 2%

Percentage he resigns: 95%

Brandon Marshall (2009 team – Denver)

2009 Stats and Accomplishments: 101 catches (3rd in NFL), 1120 yards, 10 TDs, Pro Bowl, Record for most receptions in a single game (21)

After a summer of rumors of where Marshall would go, including to the Jets, he ultimately stayed put in Denver and had another monster season. However, he has had public feuds with now second-year head coach Josh McDaniels, which led to his benching in training camp. This offseason, there have been rumors from both sides of the spectrum, from Marshall saying on one occasion that he would like to “finish his career where he started” and that he and the coaching staff have too many “differences”. Wide receivers like Marshall could help or hinder the growth of a young quarterback like Mark Sanchez. Marshall could wind up any number of places in 2010. However, if he does come to the Jets, there will be moments where he helps as much as he hurts.

Percentage he’ll be on the Jets: 15%

Percentage he resigns: 60%

Vincent Jackson (2009 team – San Diego)

2009 Stats and Accomplishments: 68 catches, 1167 yards, 9 TDs, Pro Bowl

Vincent Jackson may be the safest player for the Jets to pick up this offseason. He has great hands and even better size. His ability to go up and get the jump ball helps any quarterback, especially a young one. You can safely view Jackson as a step up from Braylon Edwards, considering the upgrade in the hands department. However, there are little reasons to believe that San Diego won’t resign him. The coaching staff has groomed him as a #1 WR. However, San Diego will have many other players who could leave via free agency, so the priority might shift if these players (Malcolm Floyd, Darren Sproles, Shawne Merriman) are willing not to ask for as much money.

Percentage he’ll be on the Jets: 30%

Percentage he resigns: 50%

Braylon Edwards (2009 team – New York Jets 45 680 4

2009 Stats: 45 catches, 680 yards, 4 TDs

Braylon was acquired via trade from the Cleveland Browns during the 2009 season. Braylon has the capability to be a top-tier NFL receiver, as shown from his 2006 All-Pro campaign (80 catches, 1289 yards, 16 TDs). However, he has been maddeningly inconsistent, leading the NFL in dropped passes with 16 in 2008. He has built a repertoire with Mark Sanchez, connecting with Edwards for a 80-yard TD pass in the AFC Championship game. I don’t believe Edwards will be looking for a huge deal this offseason, so if he agrees to come back under a modest deal, he can certainly be the #1 WR on the roster.

Percentage he’ll be on the Jets: 80%

Do you think the Jets will pick up one of the three aforementioned free agent wide receivers? Will they keep Braylon? Or will they go for another option, whether it be via free agency or the draft?