Cy-Young Winner Roy Halladay was traded out of the vaunted AL East this offseason to the Philadelphia Phillies in a three team deal. The Phillies, defending National Champions, have landed a guy that has a career 3.43 ERA in baseball’s best division, 200 Ks in the past two season with an ERA below 2.60. Those figures are down-right scary. Move Halladay into the National League where he’ll face pitchers instead of DHs and lineups that are half as good as AL East ones. What could he do against the Nationals? Marlins????

Everyone around baseball knew Halladay was available this off season. When the Mets put in a call for Halladay, Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopolous asked the Mets to start their package with shortstop, Jose Reyes. Mets GM Omar Minaya quickly hung up the phone and resumed his winter long nap, one that has lasted all offseason. How often does a Cy-Young caliber pitcher become available via trade? The question being, given the free agent class this offseason, do you trade Reyes and 2 younger pitchers(Parnell and a AAA guy) for Halladay? I say yes and here’s my reasoning.

Halladay is a complete game changer. While some may worry about the number of innings he has logged, he seems to get stronger the older he gets. The stats above further prove that point. Many Met fans are in love with Reyes’ speed and athleticism. Reyes has proven himself as the premiere stolen base threat in baseball, logging (60, 64, 78, 56 stolen bases in each of his past four full seasons). Reyes typically will give the Mets a .295 batting average, 190 hits, and roughly 60 SBs. But that was before his injury. How well does he bounce back after missing virtually all of last season? His stock is low right now, which can make you understand the Mets not trading him. However, Reyes is not the proven type of leader/franchise player you’d expect him to be. New Yorkers want Reyes to be Derek Jeter, but Reyes doesn’t have the intangibles. Reyes has even said it himself that he doesn’t want to be the leader on the Mets(Reference Francessa interview January 2010). On a team that has no definite leader, one would expect Reyes, the team’s best player, to assume that role. He is uninterested and that is alarming.

But Met fans need something to get excited about. Pairing Roy Halladay and Johan Santana at the top of your rotation makes you rival the 2001 Diamondbacks with Schilling and Johnson. That team just had to get into the post season before those two dominated.

Here’s what I would have done this past offseason with the Mets:

Trade: Jose Reyes(6.5 mil), Bobby Parnell(500K), and Fernando Martinez(500k) to Toronto for Roy Halladay(contract extension 3 yr/60 mil).

Sign: Free Agent SS: Miguel Tejada (1 yr/6 mil)

Sign: Free Agent OF: Johnny Damon (2 yr/12 mil)

Sign: Free Agent OF: Randy Winn(1 yr/2mil) to play CF while Beltran rehabs.

Re-Sign Free Agent 1B: Carlos Delgado(1 yr/4mil)

No Gary Matthews, Jason Bay.

Sign: Free Agent C: Jose Molina (1 yr/1.5mil)

While many may not agree with trading Reyes, Tejada hit .313 last season with 14 HRs playing for Houston.

Do you want Reyes at Shortstop with John Maine as your #2 or do want the best 1/2 combo in baseball in Halladay/Santana with a lesser offensive option? Remember, the Mets still have Beltran and David Wright. Given the state of the Mets current rotation, Roy Halladay would have vastly changed the landscape of the team. The Halladay move would have re-energized the Met fan base. Instead, your arch rival now has an arm to rival Santana.