Written By: Eric Conway

As of right now the Islanders sit in 13th place in the Eastern Conference and just 5 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot.  If they can string together a solid winning streak they can be back in the hunt for the playoffs.  So how can they put together this winning streak?  The answer is simple.  They desperately need John Tavares to bust out of his slump and start putting pucks in the net like we all know he can…….

Tavares has not recorded a goal in the past 10 games.  His last goal was registered January 16th against the Buffalo Sabres and prior to that goal he hadn’t sniped a goal in 9 games.  I really do not know how he remains second on the team in goals after 2 scoring slumps of that magnitude.

The Islanders are only 8-6 in games where Tavares tallies at least one goal.  He only has 2 game winners and I think it is about time the young phenom takes it upon himself to start burying opponents and inject some life into the falling Islanders in a time when they need it most.  The Islanders are victims in their last 7 games and right now is the time where John Tavares can step up and make a major impact and put this team into the playoffs.

As an Islander fan I watch almost every game and I believe Tavares has the ability to put the team on his back and carry them into the playoffs.  Do I think the Islanders will make much noise in the playoffs?  Probably not, especially if they have to play the Capitals who are on an absolute tear as of late, or the Devils with newly acquired superstar Ilya Kovalchuk.  The fact of the matter is this is not the Islanders year, but I think many critics have taken notice of the young nucleus of players the Islanders now boast.  They are a young, fast, exciting team that will be a Cup contender in the very near future.

The Islanders next game is Tuesday versus the Nashville Predators at home.  I will certainly be tuning in, in hopes that the number one overall pick from last year’s NHL Draft takes matters into his own hands and starts burying his opportunites as he did in his days of junior hockey in the Ontario Hockey League, where he is the league’s all-time leading goal scorer.