Written By: Matt Vereb

NFL’s Golden Boy Quarterback, Peyton Manning came up short in yesterday’s Super Bowl XLIV. With his team trailing 24-17 with four minutes to go in the game, Manning and the Colts got the ball. Like the Colts had done all season, most believed the Colts would orchestrate a drive to tie the game. However, Manning was intercepted for a 74 yard touchdown by Terry Porter, closing the door on the Colts season.

If you watch the interception, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOjBcAcKyuA, some will argue that Wayne undercut the route. Others will argue that Manning made a bad throw. Regardless of perception, the Colts season was essentially over…..

In my opinion, Peyton Manning made a horrible throw. Manning was so accurate all game. Manning’s 3rd quarter pass to Dallas Clark was perfect placement. Manning’s 4th quarter intercepted pass to Reggie Wayne was horribly inaccurate.

Manning cannot take all of the blame. After the Saints interception TD, down 31-17, Manning led the Colts down the field. Manning threw a perfect pass to Reggie Wayne on 4th & Goal that went through Wayne’s hands, solidfying the Saints victory. If Wayne makes that catch, the Colts must recover the onside kick and score again in 1:15. The odds to execute this plan seemed miniscule, but Wayne did not come through.

While Manning did throw the game altering interception, Peyton Manning did not choke. His receivers dropped a lot of passes in the game. The Colts would never be in this situation without Manning. There is one reason why the Colts had the most wins in the last decade. His name goes without saying.

Many will point to Manning’s 9-9 career playoff record is a sign of ineptness. Manning’s four MVP awards and superior intangibles tell the whole story. Peyton Manning will go down as the best quarterback of this generation.